Qlingo ensures fast, cost-effective and quality based translations by professional translators and native speakers worldwide.

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Qlingo provides fast translation services in any language. Spare hours of analyzing multiple solutions, finding the agency which offers the language and the specialization of the content you need. We've got it all in one pot at an incredible speed. Start now!

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Treat yourself to translation service at a reasonable cost! At Qlingo we offer low cost translation while maintaining high quality since we understand your needs. Avoid burdening your wallet with high translation charges and pay per actual result only. Start now!



With Qlingo you will be around the world in no time! Our network of selected translators comprise over 15 languages and is still expanding while we cover your needs from three continents. Access hadpicked professional translators and native speakers and start covering your translating needs now!


If you seek to cover your personal translation needs or look for translation for your business, agency or organization, you are in the right place. Qlingo offers document translation and content localization of various industries.


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Maybe you are fluent in more languages and translated your content yourself but are not sure it is 100% correct? Get in touch with us and request proofreading services.


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Get in touch with us and give us an insight into your translation needs. We thoroughly analyze your requirements and send you a quotation. 



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We carefully pair your text to a certified translator who most matches your needs. Once the first translation has been submitted, we advance the content for proofreading to assure best quality. We ensure the work is carried out thoroughly, whatever service is required.


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Within an instant, your content is delivered. Aprove it or request revisions.


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